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Are you ready for hurricane season?

Hurricane season is right around the corner. Are you prepared?


On June 1st, the 2019 Atlantic hurricane season officially begins and runs until the last day of November. Most storms hit during peak hurricane season, generally described as the time between August and October. Even if the storm doesn’t make landfall, strong winds and flooding from heavy rain can leave devastating effects. Do you have a plan to protect your loved ones and your home? If not, Team Chais has you covered with tips on how to stay safe through the stormy season.

Make a plan:

In the event that disaster strikes, how will you respond? Be sure to discuss your evacuation zone, evacuation routes, and shelter locations with your loved ones ahead of time to ensure that everyone is aware of how to react if under pressure. Prior to the storm gas up your vehicle(s) and have cash on hand if a mandatory evacuation is called. Be sure to have a photo documentation of your valuables and keep your important documents together for quick access if needed. Listen for emergency information and alerts before, during AND after the storm to ensure you and your loved ones are protected. You can even stay in the loop by receiving emergency alerts and warnings from the City of Tampa by signing up online for notifications.

Disaster supplies:

When hurricane season strikes, gathering your supplies before the season starts is a must. Have enough food and water handy for everyone in your family/household to last for a week, as you might anticipate a long recovery period once the storm has passed. Fill your prescriptions ahead of time and have various medicines and first-aid supplies on hand. A radio, batteries, flashlights and phone chargers are essentials to the season, along with toiletries, cleaning supplies, extra clothing and items for sleeping. If a generator is needed make sure to only use it outdoors and away from windows.

Strengthen your home:

The best way to protect your loved ones is by protecting your home. Can your home withstand a hurricane? Make sure it is up to local hurricane building code specifications. Trim trees on your property, shop for approved window coverings, and be sure to collect and store all loose outdoor items. Secure all doors on your property and find a safe location for your vehicle keeping in mind that the garage door is the most vulnerable part of the home. For flood prevention, purchase sandbags and ensure they are filled and stacked properly by viewing this demonstration.  

Get an insurance check up:

Are you insured for a hurricane? Check with your insurance agent before the season starts, as standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flooding, and flood insurance requires a 30-day waiting period. Once the proper insurance is obtained, make sure you know where your insurance documents are located so they can be taken with you if you evacuate. 

The time to prepare is now.

Don’t wait until the last minute, stock up on your supplies before the season and make sure your home is secured AND insured. Still have questions on how to stay safe this hurricane season? Don’t hesitate to call Team Chais, we would love to offer advice on how to keep you and your property protected!



Kinsley Campbell

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