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Spicing Up Your Space in 2019

Spicing Up Your Space in 2019

For the lover of boho chic

Source: https://www.decoraid.com/blog/home-design-trends-2019

It’s 2019- another year of new beginnings, new goals, and new opportunities. Whether you’re a current homeowner, renting, or on the hunt to buy, you may be looking to freshen up the interior of your space. Taking a look at “20 Home Designs for 2019” we’re given a breakdown of all the current must-haves for your home to rock the new year. Of the 20 listed, my top 5 favorites included:

  1. Velvet furnishings
  2. Copper accents
  3. Natural elements
  4. Richer color pallets
  5. 70’s chic

I will admit- it was hard for me not to include bucket sinks… because who doesn’t love bucket sinks?! 

When it comes to designing we can all get a little stumped or neglect to update our decor, but the more you spruce up your living space the more excited and “at home” not only you, but your guests will feel in the environment. It can be as easy as a quick trip to Home Goods to grab a few copper Moscow mule mugs to add to a bar cart or making the focus of your living room a rich colored couch, or better yet- a velvet couch. When you bring the attention of the room to the color or material of the couch it becomes easier to compliment it with simple accents and build onto your desired design plan for the rest of the space.

The good news is you don’t have to break the bank to love the space you’re in. With the 70’s chic style making a comeback you can easily find vintage pieces to fill the role. Walk around vintage stores or hey, you can even walk around Target, the Holy Land of all things modern, stylish and affordable to help accessorize your space. Find a floor length mirror you love and rest it against a wall to enhance the perceived size of the room. Go crazy with accent pillows or simple throw blankets to highlight your color scheme and cozy up your space. My current obsession includes filling every nook of my living room with succulents, because there is nothing better than a plant you don’t have to water often. That’s why natural elements were clearly a no brainer for my top 5 favorites, because plants and greenery are an easy way to bring a calming effect into the home, as well as act as a pop of color.

With these 5 popular home designs you can effortlessly make your space warm and inviting. Find a color, pattern or texture you like and run with it, and find joy in making the look of your space bold and unique to you. No matter where you shop to personalize your home, you won’t want to leave out these hot trends for your 2019 home design.



Kinsley Campbell