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Valentine’s Day: Chais Edition ❤️

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you love it or dread it, there are so many reasons to toast to the holiday!

Let’s take it back, way back. To the USF Fontana Hall in 1991. It was there that Chais Realty and Team Chais owners, Bradley and Stacey, met for the first time. 22 years of marriage later, everyone’s favorite power couple is the leading example of how to thrive both in business and in romance. If you know Brad and Stacey Chais, you know their relationship is anything but ordinary, and that’s what makes their dynamic so unique. Working with your significant other in any capacity can be extremely challenging, but when you have a vision as big as the Chais’, you’re destined for success. Sitting down with Brad and Stacey I got the opportunity to relive some of their favorite Valentine’s Day memories together. They were both quick to agree that a night spent at Armani’s in 1994 was one of their most cherished Valentine’s Day dates, as it was the reveal of their relationship and the start of something serious. When asking Stacey her favorite memory of being married to Brad she was happy to admit it was the start of their real estate journey together in 2005. Brad chimed in mentioning the birth of their daughter, Stasia, as one of the greatest joys he has been able to share with Stacey. They’ve set the bar high with the business they’ve built and it’s plain to see that their excitement and support for one another has helped them to achieve their goals and see results.

These die-hard Patriots fans have found and maintained the proper balance of work and play, all while having Tampa Bay as their playground to grow their relationship, family, and experience all of the opportunity the city has to offer.

If you’re a resident of Tampa Bay then you know there is no better place to spend a date night, let alone one on Valentine’s Day. The list of activities, restaurants, and bars seems to be endless and that means there is always an exciting new place to try! If you’re stumped on where to take your special someone this Valentine’s Day check out this list of the top 27 spots to explore in Tampa.

Of the places listed, the Chais’ picked the following as some of their favorite spots they’ve shared memorable dates together:

1. Malios Prime Steakhouse: Both Brad and Stacey agreed that this restaurant is a total hit with its romantic atmosphere and unbeatable menu. This Steakhouse is an ideal option for an intimate night out with your partner. 

2. History Museum & Columbia Café: The Chais’ found this to be the perfect choice for an upbeat date and a chance for you and your partner to indulge in your artistic sides. You don’t have to be a history buff to delight in a day spent appreciating art exhibits and great food.

3. Tampa Museum of Art: Another museum takes the cake! The Tampa Museum of Art is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful modern and contemporary art. Be sure to stay in downtown long enough to grab a quick bite!

Tampa has been more than a home for the Chais’, but a place where their love story grew and they began the business of their dreams. This Valentine’s Day spend time reflecting on those you love most and why. No love story is ever perfect, but celebrate those you hold dearly and use the day to show your appreciation for them, and all that is to come.

Cheers to your best Valentine’s Day yet!



Kinsley Campbell

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